Aug 6, 2012

Takeoff Playlist

(Note: if you're reading this in an RSS reader, you may have to click through to see the embedded playlist)

I've started a playlist to get me through the very first moments of the Big Adventure. I've  published it on Spotify and embedded it  below, so everyone can see and make suggestions. They're all along the theme of being brave and grabbing life by the horns. Yes, some of them are super cheesy, but just bear with me.

I'll listen to it as I'm... wait for it... taking off.  I know it's going to be quite a roller coaster of emotions, and there's nothing like a good playlist to get you through.

So, if you're reading this before August 19th, 2012 (henceforth dubbed "Wheels Up Day"), please leave a comment with a song suggestion!
(if it only looks like this is 8 songs long, there's a secret scroll button on the side. check it out.)


  1. "I want to break free" - Queen
    "all alright" -fun.
    "stay young, go dancing"-death cab for cutie
    "titanium" - David Guetta (cheesy, but powerful)
    "sisters are doing it for themselves" -eurythmics (don't judge me)
    "be the change"-MC yogi
    "warrior concerto" -the glitch mob
    "take a walk"-passion pit
    "never go back" -grace potter and the nocturnals
    "baba O'Riley" -the who(version by the dear abbeys also acceptable)
    "you get high"-pretty lights
    "m83"-midnight city
    "man on fire"-Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeroes
    "traveler/make it mine" -Jason Mraz
    "change the world" -Eric Clapton
    "you need me, I don't need you" -Ed sheeran
    "people got alotta nerve" -neko case
    "the way we get by" - spoon

    Basically, all the things. Also Disney songs if you can get 'em. Because, really, when aren't those appropriate?

    Have an amazing, incredible, mind blowing time! And take pictures so I can live vicariously through your world travels.

  2. "Unwritten"~ Natasha Bedingfield

    Always a good one for trips such as this! I can't wait to see you and I can't wait to read about your amazing adventures!!!!