Aug 24, 2012

Field Trip!!!

Oh look, I'm in Korea!

Yesterday was so much fun!! We finally left what we've dubbed as "The Compound." I finally feel like I'm in Korea.

First  we had a pottery demonstration, followed by pottery painting. It was a very quick and efficient way for us to  discern who the closeted artists were.  I think we're all starting to take to heart our new jobs as elementary school teachers... because we all completely lost our sh*t over pottery. ARTS AND CRAFTS!!!! We each got to paint a pre-made pot and attempt to build a pot out of a block of clay. The painting came out slightly better than the pot-making. I went with the abstract design on my pot. Yay for swoops and dots.

Inline image 1

Then we had lunch, which was our first authentic Korean food since we've been here. MMMM bibimbap!

Inline image 2

After that, we visited a Buddhist temple. It was gorgeous, even though it was pouring rain. Arguably, it was more beautiful because it was pouring rain.

From there, we were whisked to a museum designed like a traditional Korean village. We saw a traditional musical performance, and got to try on traditional Korean clothes!! Naturally, all the girls freaked out. DRESS UP!! I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS!  By some stroke of luck, I got to try on the traditional queen's robes. Queen Meg. Bow to me.

Inline image 3

That was followed by a quick museum tour before we headed home. But the day wasn't quite over yet....

It's not quite a day in Korea unless it ends with a couple of cold Casses, a bottle of Soju (not pictured) and new friends.

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