Jan 25, 2014

Hello again, and goodbye

Well, here we are.

It's been almost five months since I left Korea. I think the reason it's taken me so long to write this post-- this one, final goodbye-- is that I'm only beginning to process the enormity of what that year meant to me. I've only just begun to say "that" year instead of "this" year. It is slowly becoming nothing but a memory, much as I try to keep it alive. Conversations with my tribe in Kimchiland are becoming less frequent-- due in no small part to the ache that rises in my heart when I think about them still out there, having adventures.

I haven't written because it hurt too much. It still hurts too much.

I don't regret my decision to come back, although I imagined my life would be quite different from what it is now. I had visions of returning to the frantic familiarity of Boston, or sinking my teeth into yet another sprawling, enigmatic city-- New York.

But the universe had other plans, apparently. While I was wiling away the early days of my post-Korea funemployment at my parent's house in San Diego, lamenting my apparent inability to get noticed by east coast employers, an opportunity dropped into my lap that I couldn't say no to.

 So now, for an hour a day, a tiny corner of the TV airwaves in San Diego are mine to control. It's turning into quite an adventure of its own. It's not my dream job, it's not what I see myself doing with my life in five years, but it's a stepping stone. It's a waypoint. It's a job, and for that I'm very grateful. I'm extremely aware that it's a rarity for my generation to have a job with upward mobility in a field related to my degree.  It's the unicorn.

If you're reading this, I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I don't care if you've been with me from the beginning or if this is the first entry you've ever read. The love and support I received over the past year has encouraged me not to give up on my dream of writing for a living. It's a dream that I still intend to pursue, and this entry is the first step towards that. This is the first piece of writing I've produced in five months. I'm coming out of hibernation.

This is the end of this blog, but if (no Meg, when) I begin writing again on a regular basis, I'll make sure to link to it here.

So in the meantime, hello again, and goodbye.  It's been swell.