Aug 18, 2012

Here Goes Nothing

It's 1:30 in the morning. I'm sitting in my empty apartment. Against all possible odds, my suitcases all closed.  One of my dear friends will be here in 2 hours to take me to the airport. I know. She's definitely MVP material.
It's been an emotional few days. Saying goodbye to people is exhausting! Also, these days, no one really says goodbye. Thanks to the miracles of modern stalking techniques (ahem...I mean...Facebook), no one is ever really out of touch. Even more, there are apps now that let you basically override any previous limitations on international texting, which means even though I'll be on the other side of the world, I can still be in near-constant contact with the people I care about.
Ok, time to anxiously pace my apartment some more. By the time most of you read this, I'll be in transit. Catch you on the flip side.

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