Aug 20, 2012

Singapore Air: You're doing it right.

Please excuse the weird formatting. I don't know what's going on and am too tired to fix it.

Greetings from the future. It's Tuesday morning where I am right now.  I got into Daejeon last night, following a 24-hour trip from Boston and a 3 hour bus ride from Seoul. I've met some great people so far, and last night was the first time I'd slept (soberly) for more than 2 hours in a row since Wednesday.

I start orientation today, so more on that later. Now, I'd like to tell you a little about the best airline ever. The following is what I wrote while on the plane, but was unable to upload it until now:

Let me tell you, Singapore air is doing it right.

Marathon of How I Met Your Mother? Don't mind if I do. That was followed by a marathon of Downton Abbey. The thing was like Netflix, you could just browse all the options and watch what you wanted when you wanted. And yes, that is a free cup of wine it its own little cup holder.
They thought of everything! They even handed out little packets containing socks and toothbrushes with the tiniest tube of toothpaste I've ever seen. The socks are way softer than the ones I brought, so I'm wearing them now :) they match my seat. The only disappointment so far has been that they were out of what I wanted for lunch. We had a choice between Korean fried rice with beef, fish filet with pasta and seafood noodles. I wanted the Korean rice, partly for obvious reasons and partly because the smell of fish on a plane is possibly the worst thing ever. Alas, they were out :( I went with the seafood noodles, which were still pretty good. I just ate around the shrimp. I know I need to be braver about food, but an 11 hour flight is neither the time nor the place, in my humble opinion. 

The only other small annoyance is that I wasn't able to sleep more than a few hours without a flight attendant coming around waking me up to offer food. I had to resist from getting snippy. Its not their fault. They're only doing their job, plus they're super friendly and have the coolest uniforms.

Ok, back to present time. I was so happy when my luggage was all together, I took a picture of it!

Also, here's what my room looks like right now:

And the view from my window:

Oh hi, Korea!

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