May 9, 2012

Still waiting...

Ho hum.

*twiddles thumbs*

Still waiting to hear from EPIK about  my city placement. Fedex said my parcel (containing my identity, soul, and the rights to my firstborn) was safely delivered to my recruiter's office in Daegu. I'm guessing it'll be another few weeks before I actually hear anything.  I guess they usually send out contracts around the beginning of June.

Until then, I'll just keep finding ways to distract myself... like this:

May 4, 2012

D-Day: The Sequel


Ok. Deep breaths. This is it. D-Day: The Sequel.  I have spent the last three months gathering all of these documents. Some of even cost me hundreds of hours to obtain. (I'm looking at you, TEFL certificate).

Today, I put the whole pile in a FedEx envelope, paid an arm and a leg, gave it a kiss for luck, and sent it on its merry way to Korea. 

As you may have gathered from that hefty stack, it cost a pretty penny to mail. Now, all there is to do is wait. Wait, and pray that my compulsive organizational skills did not choose this moment to fail me. Wait, and hope that there weren't 400 would-be teachers who are even more compulsively organized than I am and got their sh*t together first, thereby filling all the available teaching positions and leaving me out in the dust.  Wait, and try to keep myself from flying to pieces for JUST A LITTLE BIT LONGER.

Here's to waiting. 

May 3, 2012

Just to clarify...

... "Wanderlust: The Untitled Meg-is-going-to-Korea Project" is not the final title for this blog. I'm waiting until I find out what city I'll be in, before I pick an appropriate title (in other words, I want to know whether or not I can get away with a "Seoul" pun).

Stay tuned.