Jun 26, 2012

Other titles considered for this blog:

Update: My brother also suggested "I Can See North Korea From My House." 
Also a solid contender. 

1.   Megan In Korea
2.   Insert Seoul Pun Here
3.   The UnAmerican Dream
4.  Annyeong, B*tches!
5.  Bigger Fish (This comes from one of my mantras for the last few months, which has been variations of  "Whatever. I have bigger fish to fry.")
6. A Broad Abroad (as it turns out, this title has been claimed)
7.  I Love The Smell of Kimchi in the Morning
8.  I Hate The Smell of Kimchi in the Morning
9. I'm Average-Sized in Asia

and last, but certainly not least:
10.  F*ck This Sh*t, I'm Moving to Korea.

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