Jun 20, 2012

Article: The Financial Exiles

"As they’re confronted with [..] few job prospects, many young Americans like McCloskey have suspended their plans to succeed in their own backyards. Instead, they’re biding their time abroad, working in countries where decent pay, a prestigious title, a pension, and affordable health care aren’t just wistful aspirations. Often, there’s no experience needed. These recent grads are moving to Asia, where there is a demand for native English speakers and the pay is relatively good."

That's an excerpt from this article. I think it does a really good job at articulating the financial situation that many people my age face (cough cough we're all broke cough cough), and the recent phenomenon that I discussed in an earlier post about how young Americans are being forced to leave the country to gain financial security.

Wow. That was a long sentence.

Still waiting for my contract and start date.

Peet out.

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