Mar 29, 2013

A Day in the Life of an English Teacher


Classes taught: 4

Fights broken up: 3

Weepy little boys comforted: 1

Times I was poked in the ribs while eating my lunch: 3

Times brushed my teeth at school: 2

Unnecessary staff meetings I was forced to attend: 1

Times students informed me that my glasses make my eyes small: 2

Number of favorite websites now blocked on my school computer: 5 (and counting)

After-school program curricula written: 1

Number of times I looked up the plural for "curriculum": 1

Times my class schedule was rearranged: 2

Lessons planned: 0 (it's Friday, after all)

Number of TV episodes viewed incognito at my desk: 2.5

Number of butterscotch candies eaten: would rather not say


  1. Hello Meg!

    I read a couple of your posts on Koreabridge and have to say this really made me laugh, I think we are living parallel lives! I don't know if you get this too, but I also get laughed at at least 3 times a day for typing something into the computer in Hangeul rather than English, and the amount of times I wonder when they'll ever get sick of finding that funny!
    Head High Heart Strong

    1. Oh yeah. They love the "accidental wrong keyboard setting" thing. Also, this semester we have name badges, so the kids are seeing my name in Korean (메건)for the first time. They're like "wait... Megan... that's your NAME?!" It's blowing their minds.

      Also, your blog is so cute! Busan looks gorgeous.