Aug 19, 2013

Notes from Asiapalooza

I'm back! I'll post a full Flickr set of my pictures soon, but first, here are some notes from my trip.

I have:
-taken 10 flights in 9 days
-set foot in 5 countries
-visited major world heritage sites like Angkor Wat and the beach where The Beach was filmed
-watched a 6-year old boy dance on a beach with a flaming baton
-gotten rather excessively intoxicated on Koh Phi Phi
-possibly been (but almost definitely was) peed on by a monkey in an overhead tree
-been invited to a party by a Thai masseuse
-listened to a soft-rock rendition of "Oh Holy Night" in a Thai cab at 4:30am
-flown to the wrong Cambodian city and had to purchase last minute flights to the one that really is next to Angkor Wat
-waited out a monsoon holed up in a tuktuk with our driver
-witnessed the abrupt end to a Khmer cultural show when Chinese tourists leapt onstage to pose for pictures 
-watched more American TV than I had in the past year in a Cambodian hotel room
-decided that Singapore looks more like the CGI mockup of a city than an actual city
-become bunk bed buddies with an elderly Pakistani man
-successfully crossed the street in Hanoi without being hit by a motorcycle
-made an unplanned overnight visit to China when my flight from Hanoi was delayed, causing me to miss my connecting flight to Seoul and forcing the airline to get me a 72-hour visa and put me up in a 5-star hotel
-cried my way into getting a free half-hour of computer use in the hotel's business center because I had no money and no way to contact anybody to tell them where I was
-traveled to places I would have never dreamed I'd see
-had, overall, a most excellent adventure.

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