Oct 4, 2012


Sorry I haven't written in a few days... I've had the last 5 days off and have been busy manically making up for lost time exploring Seoul!

Saturday we decided to get as many photo ops as possible, which mostly involved a stop at the Hello Kitty Cafe before moving on to the Trick Eye Museum.

 Sunday, we took advantage of being strangers in a strange land... and went to the Korean version of Disneyland.

While we were there, we rode on the steepest wooden roller coaster IN THE WORLD (for which we waited almost two hours).  Below is the "before" picture.  I was too busy having an existential crisis to take the "after" picture.

Monday, we decided to take in the view from the top, so we headed up to N Seoul Tower.

After that, we got our culture on at the Hanok Traditional Village, where we met a very precocious 8-year-old name Jane (as in Tarzan and Jane. She told us.)

Tuesday, we decided to take it easy and give our feet a little TLC, while also seeing to the nourishment of some clearly hungry fish.

I also made a few strategic footwear purchases.

I wrapped up the weekend with a visit to one of Seoul's palaces, Gyeongbukgung. It's open all year around, but they only open it up at night twice a year. Sit back and enjoy the killer night-reflection-on-the-water shots.

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  1. Hi! Just wanted to ask - are a lot of places (restaurants and shops) still open in Seoul during Chuseok? Two of my four days there at the end of this month fall right at the beginning of Chuseok (September 26-27) and I'm worried there won't be anything for me to shop / eat / visit (have done all the traditional stuff already as I've been to Seoul a couple of times previously). Thanks! :)